Parkable FAQs
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How much and when will I get paid for my listed space?

We pay you, less our fees, for all parking sessions completed at your space at the beginning of the new month. This happens automatically so you don't have to do anything! 

What is needed to list my space?

Here are some tutorial videos to help you through the hosting process — it's easy!

Does listing my space cost money?

Listing a park is completely free. There are no contracts so you can remove your parks at any time.

Who is liable for theft and damages?

Every Parkable member has agreed to our Terms of Service which includes a clause where every vehicle registered on Parkable requires a minimum of a third-party insurance cover. We have created a trusted community of users currently using the Parkable app for parking but in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, let us know and we'll sort it out for you. Every Parkable park is also insured under public liability. 

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