Parkable for Business

If you're part of a business with staff parking, you've probably had a myriad of problems - parking and problems traditionally go hand in hand.  Parkable for Business leaves you with the half of that relationship that you want: employee parking which is easy to manage, uses your parks efficiently, creates a better experience for your employees, and encourages ridesharing and public transport use. 



It's unlikely that the words 'corporate parking' fill many people with boundless joy (our oldball team, who all l-o-v-e this stuff, being the exception).

For a lot of businesses, parking is headache for admin and a daily hassle for employees - there are never enough parks for everyone, and organising who-gets-what-when is no walk in the park, so to speak.  

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Parkable for Business is a new way to inject some ease and efficiency into the problem. It's a 'park management utilisation platform', or, in regular language, an app which makes it easy to manage and make the best use of your car parks.


What does that actually mean?

Im glad you asked.

Parkable for Business...

Helps you to save on lease costs by opening up under-used parks to employees, for an affordable price.

Keeps tabs on which parks are being used when, allows employees to park closer to work, and creates more equity in the business.

Encourages employees to rideshare and take public transport, to ease the old supply-demand problem.