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Two ways to use Parkable

e.g. Andy wants to park his car or motorhome

  • Andy loads in his number plate details
  • Andy finds Jerry's space
  • Andy starts parking at the push of a button and stops parking when he leaves

e.g. Jerry has the space

  • Jerry creates a space and sets the price and availability
  • Jerry gets notified that Andy is parking in his space
  • Jerry gets paid

Parkable will turn your spare space into income.

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Download the app

The app is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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Create a park

It’s easy. Hit ‘create a park’ from the app menu and follow the steps.

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Activate your park

Turn your parks ‘on’ and your park will be shown live to thousands of Parkable members!

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Get Paid

You get paid automatically every month!